Yoo Jae Suk Funny Moments – Part 1


Yoo Jae Suk aka Grasshopper funny moments part 1!

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  1. Man, I came to the comment section looking for actual funny comments about this video, but this is literally all I see:

    1. "I came here for Jaesuk"
    2. "I came here from Jimin"
    3. " sToP tRyInG tO bE a sPeCiAl sNoWfLaKe (says specimen 2 to specimen 1)"

    Can we focus on the video if we're really trying to appreciate Jaesuk?

  2. ive been a fan of him since 2013 which means that im only 8 at that time. I feel like i grew up watching him and that’s the most not regretful thing i’ve done

  3. Woowwwww I came here to watch the vid (and if you're wondering bcz of whom it's cuz I love running man) to u know laugh but when I come down to read the comments I'm shocked by the hate a lot of those fans are getting and cuz of what simply they stated they're reason for coming to watch the vid ddnt realizes that was such a cruel crime 🤔 Oh and the ratio of how many commented that vs how many are hating and making fun of them AND jimin is soooooo large I've only seen a couple who said they're here cuz of him 😑😑 it's really sad we're close to 2020 and instead of letting go of hate and cancelled culture we're actually getting worse by getting pissed and pressed about littery nothing and when you want those 'opinionated' and 'outspoken' individuals in matters that ACTUALLY matter and need more to help bring awareness u find them being pitty and busy over stupid things 🤣🤣 ohh well here's to a new decade that we already know what will it bring more sensitive ppl 😊😊

  4. The amount of ignorance and negativity in this comment section in general makes me disappointed in the world we're living in, just when you think ppl will mind their business and stop dragging others down then this happens 😑😑 you watching cuz you love YJS great it doesn't make u special nor anything at all no need to drag those who said they're here cuz of jimin it's not a big deal u know why dont you do what u want and let others do what they want seriously its getting fucking irritating for gods sake we're closing a decade let's act like it and if no one is actually hating or bullying than let it be gaaaahhhhhhhh.

  5. I see ppl complaining abt the cmts abt Jimin when I don’t even see one loll
    And also I’m both an army and runner here for the moments so don’t bash me

  6. Why is everyone saying not to mention Jimin here, but I don't see any comments about Jimin. I'm just here to have a good laugh I'm so confused

  7. you guys should be happy that he is getting more clout because of Jimin. This guy is really funny and im glad that someone introduced him to many other people by talking about him. A llot of people never would've known about Jaesuk if it werent for Jimin, so it should be a positive thing.

  8. I'm here because I love Yoo Jae Suk, He never fails to make Me laugh, evrey time I watch running man or happy together or IC I forget about My stress. Sorry For My bad English.


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