[HOT CLIPS] [RUNNINGMAN] | Mission for team Decision! (ENG SUB)


“RUNNINGMAN” which is aired in Korea On OCTOBER 7th, 2019. EP. 471

MINA, TIFFANY, Park Yu Na comes in Runningman!

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  1. oh wow irrelevant but I have the same shoes as Mina is wearing, the two tone black and white ones! I have the same shoes an an idol 0_0

  2. OMG my mum is such an arse🤣 for the last two years ever since that Jeon Somin chick joined I never liked or knew her so I didn’t pay much attention to her, for that whole two years, so I was watching this episode again in my room and my mum walked pass me, note this… my mum has been watching RunningMan for I think 4 or 5 years her favourite member was Gary, when Gary left she stopped watching. So my mum walked pass my room then came back and peeped in, at that time it showed Jeon Somin. My mum was like what are you watching, I said RunningMan and she was like is she a guest I said nope then she was like WHAT DID SHE REPLACE MONGJI (she sat on my bed and watched with me) she was like they better not replace Mongji. She walked out saying Jeon Somin voice is annoying as hell and she’s not pretty at all🤣🤦‍♀️ my mum is such an arse🤣 she’s a year younger than Mongji, my mum is more like Mongji, Active and strong…but she sings and dance

  3. Tiffany followed Yuna in ig but she bothered not to follow her back smh she just disrespected her senior 🙄 who does she think she is? 🙄

  4. When Mina & Somin start acting for their 'battle' was so funny lol ..plus HaHa commented that he never played the game,didn't even hve the ID of the game ..im dying for laugh XD ..

    HaSomiNa team the best …

  5. This week guests really good but it will better if YJS join Tiffany team and JSJ join HCY team. But HaSoMina team really the best 👍

  6. Poor soek jin..as always no girls wanna be with him.. The moment he joined Tiffany and jihyo the team become weak.. 😂 Two girls with one ahjusi.. 😂

  7. Its good too see Minna again on RM. Last time she out of spotlight because her partner focus to win only, and forgot to help her get the screen time. Ah feel so bad to her that time…


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