September 30, 2020

Helicobacter pylori

What is Helicobacter pylori? Helicobacter pylori is a gram-negative, microaerophilic bacterium commonly found in the stomach.
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  • I remember reading about how no one would believe the guy that discovered H.Pylori, so he infected himself with it to prove his point. They don't make people like that these days. These days you can't even find a doctor that will TEST you for it, on request. Ahh, humanity… Our best times are behind us for sure.

  • I was found positive in urine test for h pylori bacteria 1 month ago,so now i already took 3 antibiotics for 14 days,now i am taking proton pump inhibitor,and its been more than 1 month of my medication,but still i am not feeling well,i don't have stomach-ache,but only when i drink something,i feel a sensation in left side of stomach, can anyone please tell me how much time will it take to treat this bacteria?

  • i just wanted to mention that due to antibiotic resistant strains! now the treatment is a combination of antibiotic and Bismuth salt!

  • I have had my infection for about 2 months now . My local provider has only been giving me prevacid and tried to double that up. I am having gas ,bloating and what feels like ulcers starting .I was supposed to have a scope put down my throat a month ago but they put it off another month because of Covid19 .Is there any way I can get a test and get treated before i starve to death because of the gas and bloating . It also messed up my intestines and colon so it makes me constipated .
    They put me on Sucralfate to heal the ulcers but It doesn't help much yet. Wondering if Broccoli Sprout Capsules might help to kill H Pylori ?

  • My husband has acidity since his School days now it's turn into hyperacidity. Currently his digestive system is not in a good condition and food coming to his mouth and he feels like something get stuck in his foodpipe. Last month we went to a gastroenterologist and we did endoscopy and biopsy than he suggest some medicine for that and he told about Hpylori. In 2006 he already had that antibiotic for Hpylori. Is it ok to take that antibiotic again? Or any other suggestions please badly need help in this lockdown.

  • 100% proved . Purple onion kills the helycobacter pylori in seconds. Just put a purple onion in a glass of destiled water. In the morning with an empty stomach drink just that water and the gastritis and colitis will go away in seconds….

  • Why they didnt develop a vaccine against such dangerous bacteria personally i suffered alot having it in my stomach i wish they can create a vaccine so soon .

  • That bacterium can cause bad breath, white tongue and constant mucus in the throat? I have only those symptoms, I took the breath test and it came out positive, I did the treatment for 14 days but I still had bad breath, white tongue and constant throat mucus

  • After 2 years of going to my doctor with stomach pain that just escalated.
    My doctor was always telling me that I have IBS. He never make sure that I get tested. Eventhough I pleaded to him many times that I want MRI scan. Well after 2 years of suffering and not knowing exactly what is going on with my body. I had enough. Just last week i went back to the doctors office. And this time was a female doctor attenting me. I insisted I want to be tested and have a MRI scan. She told me that as a doctor she cannot let me make a scan only by a specialist orders it can be done..apperantly. i insisted i want a test done then. Finally i got tested and it turned out that I have this bacteria in my stomach. After 2 years of suffering of pain, bloating, constipation/diarrea and tiredness i found it. I am on day 1 of my cure with anti-biotics. But it's just unbelievable how irresponsible these doctors are. If I didn't insist and make a a little scene in her office she would've just tell me again that its just IBS. After I complete my treatment I will switch to another doctor..for sure. This happened here in the Netherlands.

  • I have been recently diagnosed with H. Pylori. For more than two years, I have been suffering with difficult breathing, that could last for 10 minutes or more. I have been taking Ativan which helps the breathing issue. I get extremely tired easy as well as sometimes dizzy. I had chest x-rays, CT scan, ultrasound, and finally endoscopy, which came back positive for H. Pylori. Also depending what I eat causes a lot of internal gas, I also work in an environment with a hard blowing aircon, which I believe is causing the breathing issue to be worse. I just started treatment. Is my breathing symptoms caused by the H. Plyori?

  • I had this when I was like 7 and Nobody believed me because I hated school and lied a lot about being sick does that mean I can still have it I have bad acid reflux kinda everytime I eat I feel sick and then acid reflux

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