Delicious World – Season 1: The Movie (English)


Time-traveling back to the 1990s. Emily Napoli and Patrick O’Malley go on a trip. A new story loosely based on Delicious Emily’s True Love. A GameHouse Original Story (GHOS).

Chapter 1: 00:18
Chapter 2: 11:15
Chapter 3: 30:15
Chapter 4: 58:10
Chapter 5: 1:23:38
Chapter 6: 1:49:47

Dear Mr./Ms. YouTube: Like all other videos on this channel, this is original, not reused, content. I was unable to get the game translations from GameHouse (the producer of the games) in time for each episode. So instead of using subtitles like I usually do, I created each language in a separate video.

Although it my appear to your automated routine that each video is a COPY of another, they are NOT. Each video has to be produced from scratch and, therefore, each video takes about 48 hours to produce. A lot longer than producing game-walkthrough videos, I can assure you.

You’ll notice that the dialogue bubbles in the videos, that you’ve identified as “reused”, are all in different languages. And the Original Video language metadata is properly set to the correct language.

It has proven very popular with my French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Korean, and Russian speaking viewers. So much so that I get inundated with requests for additional episodes in the multiple languages.

Please turn monetization back on for my channel. I’d hate to have to stop producing this “other language” content. And I know some of my subscribers are not going to be very happy with me if I do.

This format of stitching together cutscenes, intros, and outros into a seamless storyline does not exist anywhere else on YouTube for GameHouse Original Stories. Some people don’t want to see the gameplay, just the creative storyline.


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  1. For the remainder of 2019, the TiggerTips channel will be having a membership drive. Every few days, “Delicious World – Season One” will be released in a different language. If subscriber counts and watch time for a language warrant it, the remaining seasons of “Delicious World” will be published in that language.

    What can you do? Watch “Delicious World – Season One” in your preferred language. Subscribe to this channel, if you haven’t already done so, while viewing the video. Leave a comment expressing your appreciation for content in this language. Share the video on your favorite social media sites.

    Thank you for your support!

  2. Oh! In the flash back, jean paul gave her flowers with lavender included. She was also making lavender syrup but it got ruined. I guess that hints that jean paul isn't the one for her? Lol


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