Can the Ladies Recognize the Five Changes? [Running Man Ep 408]


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  1. How to win this game everytime:
    Pretend to be on your phone calling someone, then:
    – Change phone brightness. By 2 notches.
    – Change phone battery usage. By 2%
    – Change the time on your phone by 5mins.
    – Put 1 hair from your head on the ground. Camouflage it.
    – Press a single fingernail hard onto your skin to leave an indent that will be gone in 5 mins.
    – Change the position of your tongue in your mouth.

    The most subtle changes nobody will ever think to check for. Literally almost cheating the game. Id bet nobody could ever detect these.

  2. Se chan give very big impressions so influence them to think the changes are about the clothes or something on their body rather than other things…

  3. I dont blame them so much of their poor skills in spotting the differences.
    The changes, although drastic were subtle. They were in the same position, same posture, before and after.
    Humans also tend to oberve more what is attached or associated to the upper body of the person they are talking to. Like shirt, cap, glasses, and whatever they're holding in their hand/s (although i cannot wrap my head around how they missed the ice bucket for a drinking glass).
    Anything attached to the lower body, namely what they're sitting on, pants they wear, and shoes, aren't really as observed much.

  4. Hana is like Jihyo lmao.. lmao i remember when RM episode to get the coaches and the gold medalists, Hana was a really bad detective there lol


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