1. Its just how in the thumbnail, the girl is so changed, makimg her fake, as well as making her less beautiful!
    Please dont make yourself that changed, just put on a couple of filters, we all like a small edit!

  2. STOP WHITE WASHING INDIAN BEAUTy!!! omfggg is your brain still fucking colonised from the bRITS!!! Jesus! you obviously hate yourself that much and your entire race!

  3. Why the heck you take a black person and make them white? What was wrong with her skin color before? The purpose of foundation isn’t to change the color of your skin. Its to smooth out dark spots. You just turnt foundation into bleaching cream.🧐

  4. No doubt that this app is fantastic I am using this app since 2015. But suddenly its getting problem when I use "Fine tune" in anything. For example I edit lipstick and click fine tune to adjust it totally disappeared and. Means fine tune isn't working at all.

  5. Love love LOVE this app!! However, I feel like editing a photo isn't supposed to make someone look completely different! Editing is to make subtle changes to enhance the beauty that is already there!! I know that this app has all kinds of "costumes makeups" and it's fun to play around with them but changing a simple, everyday selfie to the point of looking so different from how you actually look, is too extreme. It's actually sad to know that ppl want so badly to look so different!! This is just my opinion and we all know that opinions are like assholes, everybody has one! Oh and sidebar~ my pic was created with this app! 💚


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