Bejeweled 2 – Custom Puzzle Galaxy Showcase (Super100's Galaxy) – PART 2


Hello everybody, Super100 here! ^^

Today I am going to show you the Custom Puzzle Galaxy I created for Bejeweled 2. I used a mod that is created by LDinos, make sure to check out his channel and his project where he creates a new Bejeweled game called Dijeweled.

Mod for Custom Puzzles:

You are watching Part 2 here.
Part 1 is here:

Download this puzzle pack and backdrops:

Place the “Super100’s Galaxy” in the “puzzles” folder and replace the “backdrops” folder with the one you downloaded from me in the “images” folder.

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  1. Hi, for some reason, I can't warp from Crazy Spirals to Easy to Hard without getting an access violation error…

  2. What an amazing Custom Puzzle Galaxy! Different planets varying difficulty and each puzzle having unique designs! Brilliant! <3


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